Sunday, October 31, 2004


I don't know if I can hold out for two more days without going insane!
And I'm not even IN the United States.

If I could vote - I'd vote for Kerry.
As would a preponderance of Canadians according to some poll I read about recently.
Only the Albertans aren't too sure about him - something having to do with beef going across the border, mad cow, yadda yadda, whatever.

What does strike me as interesting:

It can be argued (and I believe it) that the Republicans use fear-mongering to win votes.
In the most recent Canadian election, a mere four months ago, it was the left wing that attempted to keep the re-emerging Conservative Party down, with similar tactics.

In the US, Liberal is a dirty word; in Canada it's the ruling party.

On election graphics, Canadian Liberals are red, like the Republicans while Canadian Conservatives are blue, like the democrats.

I don't even begin to know where I belong, but I suspect my Conservative leanings here put me somewhere to the LEFT of the Democratic party there.

Two more days - until the recounts, of course...

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