Friday, November 05, 2004

Sask. court approves same-sex marriage reported by the CBC.

"Sask." is Saskatchewan, a province directly across the US border from Montana and North Dakota - both of which voted to ban same-sex marriage just this week.

It is the seventh Canadian province or territory to make this decision, joining Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, the Yukon and Nova Scotia, according to the CBC article.

It doesn't seem to be that big of a deal up here, either. Sometimes you hear a few mutters and grumbles from members of the Conservative Party but on the whole there isn't much resistance to the concept, not that I've noticed anyway.

Personally I just can't see any reason why same-sex marriage shouldn't be allowed, and many reasons why it should, for instance, to ban it is discriminatory; and if anything it would contribute to the stability of society by fostering committment between partners.

But what do I know...

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