Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Breaking News!

The entry originally scheduled for today has been preempted by some breaking news:

I SOLD A STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…to Women’s eNews, an online feminist publication.
It’s the article concerning same-sex marriage that I mentioned in an entry earlier this week.
The magazine editor emailed me this afternoon, saying they are expecting to “run” it next Wednesday and asking me for some revisions and (gulp) a photo.
By Friday.
As soon as I stop shaking, I will frantically rummage through my hard drive.
And Rob’s.

I quickly glanced at the file they sent me and saw several possible publication dates, with Dec. 8 being the earliest.
So I won’t obsess if it doesn’t turn out then.
Okay, I’ll try not to obsess.

I also saw some edits, some of which in my esteemed opinion are not for the better but what the heck.
She (the editor) asked a few questions and made a few suggestions so I have a little more research to do.
As soon as I stop shaking, that is.

A couple of the edits indicate that the editor assumes that I’m a same sex partner.
I’m flattered. It means I really got my point across.
In the interests of accuracy I will re-edit but I hope she’s not disappointed.

Some of my long-suffering readers may remember that I “sold” something about a year ago.
Well, sort of.

Our local paper, the Montreal Gazette, accepted an article and published it –
but they never paid me!

Freakin’ deadbeats.

I still have the e-mail where they offered me $200.
I should have known something was up when they called to confirm details, and I mentioned the fee to the person on the other end.
He replied, “Um, yes, right, $200.00.”

A few weeks later, I emailed them. No reply.
I tried phoning but my calls weren’t returned.

I pretty much gave up, (yes I know but I really didn’t have the energy to pursue it) until, at the workshop given by a local freelance writer, I learned that I was supposed to invoice them.
You’d think my calls and emails would be close enough, sort of an invoice-like event. Even if only to maintain good will.

I also learned that contracts are involved. I never saw a contract from the Gazette.
The writer leading the workshop was surprised by my story. She worked for the paper as a reporter for awhile and found them to be reliable.

I actually did invoice them after that but, predictably, nothing.

I can’t cancel my subscription because it’s the only English daily in Montreal. But I will not grace them with my writing again, at least not until and unless they pay up!

Anyway, back to the present: I can’t find ANY photo that I like except maybe this one:

Dare I?

I’ll have Rob take some new photos tomorrow.

Oh yes, this is the website:

Women's e-News

and my article would be in the “Commentary” section.

I originally found the magazine through the Writer’s Market site, so that really does work.

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