Thursday, December 09, 2004

Dec. 9

So, the Supreme Court of Canada has paved the way for the country to legalize same-sex marriage.
Well, sort of.
We do things backwards here sometimes. We check with the courts BEFORE laws are even enacted.
Pre-emptive jurisprudence?
I don’t understand all the ins and outs but from what I gather, the court declared that to bar same sex marriage would be unconstitutional but fell short of endorsing the concept wholeheartedly.
I have to read up more on this to get a better grasp of it.

In any case, the government will now proceed with legislation and it’s expected to pass.
Not without some debate and carrying on, of course, but that’s fair game.

Within Canada, the strongest opposition will probably come from Alberta which is our answer to Texas, complete with oil, cattle, and cowboy hats.
And the West Edmonton Mall, biggest in the Universe (or something) which is strange considering what a comparatively remote area it’s located in.
Edmonton is a CITY but not even of the scale of Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, much less New York or L.A.
I guess the entrepreneurs are bigger, out west.

Still no lights or anything on the contraption in the park, so I guess Christmas tree isn’t it.

Oh here’s some news:

A few weeks ago, Rob quit his band.
It was a difficult decision for him but he said he’d been looking for a way out for awhile now, and having a big argument with the singer provided him the opportunity.
He’s getting more involved with his course work in Commerce and has even signed up for extra credits.
He says he still wants to be involved with music but the idea of having success with this band isn’t appealing to him anymore.
He finds the idea of possibly touring, “depressing”.
I think he means the living conditions which aspiring bands endure (and sometimes thrive on) aren’t for him.
He was always a high-maintenance sort of kid, with regard to creature comforts.

I’m actually quite awed by his maturity. He has more common sense at 20 than I can ever hope to have.
Giving up, or giving up on a dream is one thing, but recognizing that the dream has outlived its usefulness is quite another.

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