Saturday, December 04, 2004


I have nothing to write about!

I’ve been sitting here for almost an hour, surfing news sites for inspiration but it’s not happening.
So you’re being treated to 500 words of drivel.

“Nothing” to write about isn’t exactly true.
Nothing I really care to get into at the moment is more accurate.
Maybe I’m feeling too mellow.
Mellow isn’t good for creativity.
I’m not sleepy – had too much coffee for that – just feeling content.

Had a nice quiet day at home.
Read, surfed, played backgammon, researched some markets, sent out a query letter, ordered in lunch with Rob (we were too lazy to even go out), did minimal housework, and procrastinated writing.

There are a few things I intend to write about soon.
One is the stripper thing.
I can’t get over that the Government of Canada had, until this week, a specific program for importing strippers.
They provide temporary work permits for people with skills that are in shortage in Canada.
Apparently we don’t have enough strippers.
There is so much wrong with this I don’t know where to begin, but not tonight.

Another issue is depression, specifically post partum depression and psychosis.
Another mother made the news this week, this one in Toronto. She is said to have killed her husband, the eldest of her three small children, and herself.
They aren’t saying for sure that depression is the cause but it’s a pretty good bet.
People need to start taking this seriously.

Some other weird happenings: it seems that hundreds of uniforms and badges belonging to airport security staff in various parts of Canada have gone missing.
Just like that.
They’re investigating.

And some company in Europe has had to stop issuing special screensavers that are programmed to spam the spammers. They use the idle processor time to communicate with servers that are known to belong to spammers, in the hope of “slowing them down”.
But it’s not a denial of service attack. N’uh uh.
Vigilante screensavers. Surely there’s a better way.

While reading about that, I came across this:

Cell phone towers in camouflage

I thought he was joking!

Finally, some good news:

Exercise offers few health benefits for some

Good news?
Yes because it lessens the guilt I feel for being a couch potato!

According to the study, exercise doesn’t have the same beneficial effect in all people, and the range is rather large, extending down all the way to practically useless.
Okay those are my words.

I’ve never had the self discipline to stick with an exercise plan. The closest I came was taking aqua fitness in a senior’s class (I was in my 30s at the time) for a few months.
That was okay but for some reason it didn’t last.

We used to have an exercise bike but I found it dreadfully uncomfortable. We have a treadmill but I find it dreadfully boring, even with the TV on in front of it.

So now I can tell myself, it wouldn’t have helped me anyway!

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