Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Health news item of the day:

Obesity linked to lack of sleep

It’s a hormone thing (isn’t everything nowadays?)

Too little sleep seems to result in more hungry-hormone, while sufficient sleep stimulates the I'm-full-hormone.

Or else, people who sleep less have more time to stuff their faces.

Or both.

People who sleep less theoretically have more time to exercise too – but we don’t do that!

Another study I read about recently claims that sleep deprivation helps in the treatment of depression.
So we can either be fat and happy – or slim and miserable.

Is there really even a choice?

Offensive TV commercial of the day:

For Dell computers: the one where the “Dellf” comes driving up the street to deliver a prize package consisting of an SUV filled with electronic goodies, and a guy out shoveling his walk mistakenly thinks the prize is coming to his house.
Sadly, it belongs to his neighbour instead, and when that family is happily dancing around, celebrating, all of a sudden they hear a big THUD as a shovel-full of snow hits the SUV.
The camera shifts to the shoveller who has an odd sort of guilty-but-I’m-glad-I-did-it look on his face.

With the standards of behaviour in North American society at an all-time low, I’m discouraged that a major American business sees fit to market its products with a display of petty jealousy, small-mindedness and ill will.
This is a commercial on commercial TV – this is a reflection of life as we’d like it to be, filled with happy, wealthy consumers, who should at least show the generosity of spirit to celebrate the good fortune of others.
Besides, if he played nicely, maybe they’d share.
Or at least not be tempted to poison his dog, which is the least I’d think about doing if my neighbour shoveled snow onto my new SUV.

(No no, I wouldn’t poison a dog. Relax.)

Marketing reflects our values but more than that, it can shape them. These messages are seen over and over, and have to make an impression even if consciously ignored.
While I don’t expect marketers to show social responsibility at the expense of profit, surely the two can work together - if only in the land of Things-As-We’d-Like-Them-To-Be.

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