Friday, December 03, 2004

What is it?

There’s a mystery going on in the park across from my house.

I’ve posted photos of the park before, and this is what it looked like several summers ago:

This year they enlarged the sand area (most of the foreground from center to left) a bit and replaced the old climb-slide apparatus – the yellowish-brown thing at the far left.
The green space in the distance is a soccer field; the building in the center is a pool house, behind it is a basketball court and behind the tree on the right is a baseball field.

Pretty cool, except in winter. They used to put in a skating rink or two but haven’t done that in a few years so there’s really nothing going on there between soccer and baseball seasons.

On Tuesday, I noticed some workmen digging holes in the sand – the sand that had only been spread a few weeks previously during extensive rebuilding.
On Wednesday I looked out the window and there was this BIG thing in the middle of the road. I guess it was some sort of crane, and it was high, even higher than the light post.
There was a cable with a big hook at the end of it, and if the operator hadn’t been careful, that hook might have hit my car!

Soon a tall metal pole was in place in the middle of the sandbox, and a bunch of men began working with a huge tangle of red wires and some netting.

First I thought it might be a lamppost and the wires would go underground, but no, they anchored the wires into the sand in various places as if they were tent wires, and strung them up to the pole.

Here’s a photo of the final result; please click on it for a larger version.

We still can’t figure out what it’s supposed to be.

The two obvious suggestions are jungle-gym (climbing thing) and stylized Christmas tree, neither of which makes much sense.

It’s WAY too high to be a climbing thing for small children.
The Housemate declared that there was a big sign on it saying, CLIMB ME AND DIE and indeed, when I arrived home from bowling that day, three teenage boys were happily climbing it.

Christmas tree? That would be nice – but it would be ridiculous for the city to put it in our park because only the local residents would see it, at most a couple of hundred people. Nobody comes through here to get to anywhere else.
Besides, there are no lights or decorations on it (yet?).

My idea is, they will put some kind of tarp over it and make it a quasi-tent so kiddies can play in the sand in shade.

I welcome your suggestions or guesses, both serious and humourous, in the comments section.

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