Sunday, January 30, 2005

Question of the Day

Can somebody please explain to me
How it is
William Shatner
Is now cool?

Monday, January 24, 2005

Short Note

This article struck a nerve – or three.

I didn’t see the TV show they referred to (The Amazing Race) so I won’t comment on the specifics; it’s just that this sort of thing – “emotional abuse” – is too familiar to me.

I hesitate to even use the word “abuse”. It’s so overused nowadays that it no longer has the impact it should. It summons up visions of drama queen whining, which is a problem in itself.

I had it in mind to do an entry here and title it “Edith’s Husband”. Edith is a woman in my bowling league and her husband is legendary in this community.
Everyone has stories about him, even my kids who’ve viewed him in action at the mall.

He was at it again last week, yelling at us.
He comes in towards the end of the games to pick her up. This time she was bowling nicely above her average but he insisted on making fun of it.
Her teammates took it upon themselves to point out it’s not nice to talk like that about your wife. That, predictably, set him off.
Verbally, but that’s bad enough.
One of the ladies (a very sweet and gentle one) was so upset she said it was a good thing she didn’t have a gun!

It wasn’t quite as bad as the time a year or two ago when he was asked to not smoke directly at the bowlers. That time he made ample use of the word “fuck” and was banned from the bowling center for awhile.

Now these aren’t foolish youngsters – Edith and her husband are in their 70s.
I used to think people got smarter with age. But apparently not.
I can sort of understand why she stays with him – I don’t agree with it, just understand it – but why don’t their adult children intervene?
I don’t think I’d allow my mother to exist in such a toxic atmosphere.

Anyway, then along came the article (referenced above) and since it’s weighing on me I figured it was time to write.
Get it out of my system.

When you live in an atmosphere of feeling like you’re constantly in siege with regard to who you are as a person – how do you know where truth ends and lies begin?
How do you know whom to trust?

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Jan. 12

Oops.. half a month since my last entry.
So much for writing every day.

Thanks to those who check in regularly - I admire your persistence.
And special thanks to those who give me a little nudge now and then. Even though I might respond in a snarky manner, I do appreciate it.

In other news...

I'm a grandmother! (Sort of.)
Mark and his girlfriend, who are now living in her condo (sort of), got a cat!!!!!
I love cats - more than love, I admire and worship them. They have so many qualities that I aspire to.
They are cute, furry, warm and adorable, yet ornery as all hell.
They are independent (except maybe when hungry).
You can't buy their affection. If a cat likes you, you know you have passed the cat test and are worthy.
Dogs, on the other hand, are cheap.

Anyway, with all of this, I can't have my own cat because of violent allergies so I'm thrilled that at least we have one in the family now.

Mark has always been a cat person (taking after my father's whole clan), going as far, I suspect, as choosing some of his friends on the basis of cat ownership.
Tony, who sadly moved away after grade 4, had a major cat.
Twenty-five pounds.
I saw him once. Twenty five pounds of MEAN!!!
But he liked Mark and showed his affection by occasionally sitting on his homework.

This cat isn't so big - yet. It's not a young kitten at five months, but still a baby.
It will always be our baby.

Here is Rob, holding the cat, who has been named "Shmutz", which is the Yiddish/German word for "Dirt".
For obvious reasons.