Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Jan. 12

Oops.. half a month since my last entry.
So much for writing every day.

Thanks to those who check in regularly - I admire your persistence.
And special thanks to those who give me a little nudge now and then. Even though I might respond in a snarky manner, I do appreciate it.

In other news...

I'm a grandmother! (Sort of.)
Mark and his girlfriend, who are now living in her condo (sort of), got a cat!!!!!
I love cats - more than love, I admire and worship them. They have so many qualities that I aspire to.
They are cute, furry, warm and adorable, yet ornery as all hell.
They are independent (except maybe when hungry).
You can't buy their affection. If a cat likes you, you know you have passed the cat test and are worthy.
Dogs, on the other hand, are cheap.

Anyway, with all of this, I can't have my own cat because of violent allergies so I'm thrilled that at least we have one in the family now.

Mark has always been a cat person (taking after my father's whole clan), going as far, I suspect, as choosing some of his friends on the basis of cat ownership.
Tony, who sadly moved away after grade 4, had a major cat.
Twenty-five pounds.
I saw him once. Twenty five pounds of MEAN!!!
But he liked Mark and showed his affection by occasionally sitting on his homework.

This cat isn't so big - yet. It's not a young kitten at five months, but still a baby.
It will always be our baby.

Here is Rob, holding the cat, who has been named "Shmutz", which is the Yiddish/German word for "Dirt".
For obvious reasons.

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