Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Writ, She Has Dropped

What a strange expression, "dropping the writ". Apparently (according to a brief google search) it's a Canadian thing. In the UK, where our customs and procedures originated, writs are "issued", not dropped.

The writ in question is an election order, and depending on whom you listen to, either the Prime Minister or the Governor General "drops" it.
I suspect it's the G-G, done at the behest of the PM. But my attention span has reached its limit on this issue.

So, if nothing changes I expect to vote for the Liberals.
That ranting and raving you heard from me up until sometime last summer?


Including, during the last campaign, a rant on national television, which I never saw but some of my friends did, much to my embarrassment.
What happened was, I was minding my own business at my bowling league when in marched a bunch of people carrying very heavy objects and very bright lights. And microphones.
They claimed to be from CTV and wanted to get a feel for what people were thinking, and what better place than a bowling centre on a weeknight in May 2004.

Of course I need no excuse to get started especially if someone actually wants to know what I think, so I started in on my "Liberals are corrupt, we need a change, clean house, yadda yadda, I might even vote for the Bloc to teach them a lesson" speech.

Next thing I know, Jed Kahane is in front of me, holding a microphone in my face. D'oh.

This was before the resurgence of the separatist cause, and my riding has always gone overwhelmingly Liberal, I say in my defense.

As it turned out, I voted for neither the Liberals nor the Bloc, nor the Green Party as most of my family did. I plead the fifth (can I do that here?) on whom I actually did vote for but it was a protest vote and they had no chance of winning. The seat remained Liberal.

This time it will be partially a "there's no one else to vote for" thing, and partially a "I really DO want the Liberals to win" thing. In Quebec it's a two party race and the Bloc looks way more threatening than they did two years ago.
Plus, Paul Martin is no Jean Chretien.

So I look forward to an entertaining winter of nasty rhetoric, blogging, election signs becoming missiles in the snowstorms, and lots of Mike Duffy. I just love him especially in the ads when they have him say, "Just Watch Me." Swoon.
(No that wasn't sarcasm, I really do have a killer crush on him!)

And when that's all over, the Winter Olympics, for a kinder, gentler sort of competition.

More to follow, where I learn a new bad French word while waiting in line at WalMart.

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