Friday, December 23, 2005

The Horror, the Treachery!

Johnny Damon is a Yankee.

And they made him cut his hair.

(He still looks hot but that's beside the point.)

This is what takes the fun out of rivalries, when you can just throw enough money to make someone go over to the dark side. It's just a game but millions of fans take it seriously, spend hard-earned money (lots of it) to support their team and invest emotional energy (lots of it, in Boston's case) in the outcome. I guess it's too much to expect for powers that be to respect this (in Babe Ruth's case) or for the players themselves to show some loyalty to the fans, without whom the multimillion-dollar contracts would not exist.

And it's not like Damon would have starved in Boston. According to the article they offered him $40 million over 4 years while the Yankees are paying him $52 million for the same period.
Sure, I'd sell people out for $12 million if that was the ONLY $12 million I could have, but if you've already got 40, you'd hardly notice another 12, or so I'd think.

And I suppose the endorsements will be piled on top of that.

Next time, instead of the big game, try attending a little league match. Bring your lawn chair and some doggie treats for the four legged fans and watch people who really play for the love of the game.

And oh yeah, Merry Christmas.

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