Thursday, December 01, 2005

Reality Check

It has come to my attention that not everyone is a political news junkie.

This revelation occurred at yesterday’s bowling league, when I asked a friend, visiting from Toronto, “Oh, do you live in the riding that Ignatieff is running in?”


“Ignatieff? Ig-nat-yeff? Or something, you know, the Liberal guy from Harvard...”

*Blank stare*

“I really don’t know who’s running anywhere, sorry.”

She then returned to her previous discussion of whether the evening’s TV entertainment would include “Lost” or “Survivor”.

Whether or not people in general should be more interested in the governing process and less interested in popular culture is a discussion for another time, because it’s irrelevant right now.
This is the way it is.
Ideally, people will vote, and generally they will vote on the basis of – something?.
Honestly I don’t know how people ultimately make their decisions.
There seem to be some overriding themes, such as health care, education, whether the Liberals need to have some time off to clean house, whether the Conservatives are too scary, whether a vote in Quebec for anyone but the Liberals is a vote for the separatists, and who came across as the biggest, or least, jerk.
I guess the decision is made on the basis of prioritizing these themes at or around the time of election day.

So why obsess now?
For me, anyway, it’s fun. It’s a study in human nature and psychology, of the candidates, the media, and that part of the audience who is paying attention. And if my family won’t listen to me anymore, now there is a potential global audience, or at least I can pretend as such.
It’s all good.

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