Thursday, December 22, 2005

THIS is what I want to hear... so why is nobody else saying it?

Harper pledges larger military presence in north

To my untrained ear this is pretty close to what the experts said ought to be done. I think this, and the state of Canada's armed forces in general, is a crucial issue. Maybe people worry that if we have an army we will use it, like some countries who shall remain nameless, but I think the greater danger is in not being able to stand up for ourselves. And not just to *nameless* but to anyone who decides we are a good place to exploit in whatever fashion.

People may chuckle at the Hans Island dispute but it's important, both as a precedent and for future rights to resources.

(I'm not saying the Danes are trying to exploit us, just that we can't be seen on the world stage as helpless pussies!)

Sure, I like the CPC platform re the above but I have grave reservations about their social policies and their true agenda. Do I really have to make a choice between values like human rights and Canadian sovereignty?

I sincerely hope that the remainder of the campaign will help me with some direction on deciding what I'd like the outcome to be.

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