Thursday, December 29, 2005

Was There a Leak? It Depends...

Leak... Depends.... get it?
Aw nevermind.

In a comment to my last post, Jason expressed the hope that I would change my mind again.

I'd love to, if only there were something palatable to change it to.
So until that happens, my mind is officially cleared (or will be, once it stops spinning.)

There exists no comfort zone for me in the context of supporting any one party. I tried, it just doesn't work. Swallowing and/or spinning the parts I don't like takes too much energy.
From now on (i.e. at least a couple of days) I shall take things on a case by case basis.

As for my vote there is still no question, I have to vote Liberal. I live in one of the previously *safe* Liberal ridings in the Montreal area and would hate to see it fall to the Bloc.

Beyond that, I feel free to babble on about what's right and what's wrong with everybody.

So, about Goodale and the RCMP's criminal investigation into whether the income trust announcement was leaked: it's funny, just yesterday morning I thought to myself, "Hey, the income trust leak scandal thing went away!"


I still find it difficult to get very worked up about it. Maybe it gets lost in the noise of all the other scandals or maybe it's because I follow the stock market and see how it moves for no discernible reason whatsoever, never mind moving due to rumours or actual news.

It was pretty obvious that Goodale would throw out something good to investors just before the election call.

Still, it's possible there was a leak, but not necessarily from the top. It could easily have been something similar to what happened in October, when the New York subway system went on high alert because of a supposed terrorist threat (which turned out to be a hoax). People with connections to Homeland Security took it upon themselves to warn their friends and family. It's wrong, and if something like that happened here, Goodale is ultimately responsible for not keeping his staff on a short leash, but it's not the kind of thing that should move a vote all by itself.

Of course, it's not all by itself, it's in the context of all the other wrongdoing that's established or alleged in the Liberal party. One more brick in the wall, as it were.

Should Goodale resign? I'm conflicted about that. If it's "tradition" that a Minister resign while his department is being investigated then perhaps he should; but not all traditions are appropriate all the time. In this case it might be seen as an admission of guilt or even of (gasp) weakness, something you cannot show during a campaign.

Besides, don't we operate on the basis of presumption of innocence?

On the other hand, Goodale's stated reason for staying on is troubling: "there is no evidence of wrongdoing". Not at all the same thing as "there IS no wrongdoing."

It fits with the arrogance label that clings to the Liberal party like, as my beloved late father used to say, shit on a blanket.

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