Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Few Observations

Notes from CTV's Question Period:

First off, there's a report today about a Canadian Foreign Affairs Official killed and three Canadian soldiers wounded in Afghanistan, with a video of Paul Martin offering condolences.

I was all set to express outrage at Martin for being able to do this with a straight face, only days after allowing the military to be portrayed as something to be feared.

But I won't, because that would be exploiting a tragedy in order to illustrate my political opinion.
Just one thing, whichever party wins this election, can we PLEASE give the military and those serving Canada in danger zones (RCMP, Diplomats, etc.) the respect and resources they deserve?

On to other impressions:

What is Jean Lapierre smoking to be able to say that the Liberals will benefit from vote-splitting between the CPC and the Bloc in Quebec? If anything, the Bloc will benefit with regard to number of seats won but not, I hope, in absolute popular vote. I think my own riding, held by Liberals since time immemorial (or at least a dozen years) is going Bloc this time because of a split of federalist votes. That's too bad but the big picture is more important.

I think it's also ironic that Lapierre used a military metaphor to express his optimism, saying that the Conservatives don't have the *troops* to get their supporters out to vote and that the Liberals will be able to *mobilize*.

In the interests of equal nit-picking, it was also ironic that Conservative Jim Flaherty reacted to the Liberals invoking Mike Harris' government by shrugging it off as "issues from ten years ago". Option Canada, anyone?

Belinda Stronach talking about *consequences* was my favourite moment of the show, at least until they aired the new Conservative Ad entitled Even Liberals.

It's a great ad on its own merits but what I love best is Martin's quote admitting that he approved the military ad, complete with his trademark "lookit".

I think Im going to miss that.

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