Saturday, January 07, 2006

Much as it pains me, I can't buy this conspiracy theory.

As seen on Countdown with Mike Duffy:

Sheila Copps thinks it's no coincidence that a book about Option Canada is to be released on the same day as one of the leaders' debates and that both coincide with the RCMP looking into the accounting of some of the grant money given to this group by the Canadian government, ostensibly to encourage Quebecers to, um, *stand up for Canada* in the 1995 referendum.

This may look suspicious to the casual observer, and heaven knows I love a good conspiracy theory, but none of the above would be relevant if there were no there there.

But we can't really dwell on ten year old news, not when there are so many more recent scandals / allegations with more turning up every day.

In the it's not illegal but... category, now we have the government paying yet more money - to LOBBY ITSELF.

I'd like to see the people who are tallying up the costs of the election promises by the various parties also tally up the wasted tax dollars (with compounded interest) so that we can see the true cost of another government led by the current Liberal party.

Oh and by the way, Bloc notwithstanding (heh), I have decided I just cannot bring myself to put the X next to the L this time. My vote will be federalist but NOT Liberal.

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