Monday, January 23, 2006

News Report: Today is most depressing day of the year

Yet another scientific study that tells us stuff we already knew.

It's thanks to some kind of mathematical formula (could it be an algorithm? I know google uses them but I don't know what they are) that January 23, 2006 has been declared the most depressing day of the year by a British researcher.

This can't be a world-wide thing, as they have summer now in the Southern Hemisphere, and I'm sure that certain other countries have bigger problems than it being January 23.
But for us, in North America and Europe, it is so.

I hope that doesn't mean Canadians will be too depressed to vote. I hear the weather is fairly good all over the country, which could be construed by the more wingnuttier of us to mean that God wants us to elect a Conservative MINORITY - or at least throw out the Liberals - or maybe God has better things to worry about, too...
Such as Ford cutting jobs, a new case of mad cow in Canada, and a legal decision that goes against RIM (Blackberry-maker). All of which happened just this morning.

But one thing I won't poke fun at is depression itself, which is no joke. I've had my own battles with it over the years but strangely enough this winter has been pretty good so far, probably because I've been so wrapped up in the election, following the news, blogging, and writing. That can all eat up a big chunk of time and keeping busy is very important.
So is socializing, which I don't do enough of, but two weekly bowling leagues (as opposed to one, until last year) has helped too.
In fact, tonight during the blogging blackout, I'll be at the lanes anyway. Just as well.

Anyway, to wander back to the original point of this post, today will undoubtedly be depressing for a large number of us who follow politics, but very happy for others. To those on the losing end, I offer this famous cartoon by Montreal's Aislin, the caption of which, coming out of Rene Levesque's mouth, was, "OK, everyone take a valium." (Valium was the Xanax of 1976.)

I am old enough to remember when it first appeared in the Montreal Gazette, the morning after the Parti Quebecois won its first victory in Quebec in 1976. You can see a small photo of the cartoon on Aislin's site, as it now graces the cover of one of his books.

The world, and Canada, didn't come to an end after that PQ victory, and they won't now. Sometimes the democratic process does not produce the results we want but it does beat the alternative.

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