Thursday, January 19, 2006

No Thanks to, or from, Paul Martin

Surfing around this morning to find something to comment about, brought me to one of my new favourite sites, the Infozone, a self-proclaimed "Information Digest" (independent news aggregator plus original commentary) based in the US which for some reason takes great care in covering Canadian politics!
There, I found the link to Candace's blog for sending messages to the injured Canadian soldiers (previous entry).

Via Candace, I found this in another blog, which caused steam to come out of my ears...

And not a word of thanks from Paul Martin, what a disgrace

...because there I learned for the first time that it was the AMERICANS who airlifted the soldiers to hospital - an AMERICAN military hospital which is where they remain at this writing.

I checked around to confirm this and it was widely reported, but did not pierce my consciousness at the time. My bad? Or that of the media who didn't put enough emphasis on this detail? Or both...


Not a word of thanks from Paul Martin?

Again I checked around, both news sources and Liberal and government web sites and found no such message.
If one exists, someone please enlighten me and I will be happy to eat my words and maybe even take Jason out to lunch next time he visits Montreal.

No matter how one feels about soldiers (in our cities or otherwise), wars, neocons and all the rest of it, these are OUR soldiers, our young men, critically injured out there and


To be fair I haven't seen anything from Stephen Harper either but he is not - yet- the Prime Minister. Still, a comment would have been nice but perhaps not strategically wise since it would probably lead to a whole new barrage of neocon accusations. I hope that if he is elected Prime Minister, he speaks about it then.
As for Jack Layton, as one would properly expect from the NDP, he is backing off of Canada's committment in Afghanistan but a word or two for the troops that are there - now - would also have been nice.

We expect campaigns to be somewhat uncivilized in our own country but this oversight amounts to flagrant neglect of our own military and that of our allies.

I won't even get into the fact that we are so ill-equipped that we don't have our own resources to aid our men out there which is all the more reason to THANK THE AMERICANS.

Election day can't come soon enough - if not for me, then for those whose lives are at risk in truly *scary* places.

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