Saturday, January 28, 2006

Notes from my Notes

Odds and Ends and Links:

A convergence of disturbing news this week, particularly if you are Jewish, as I am.

First, the Palestinian election in which Hamas gained a landslide victory and a Parliamentary majority. (As an aside, voter turnout was 77%, compared to 65% for Canada. Shame on us.)
This, in a climate where the Iranian President feels it necessary to make regular pronouncements of Holocaust denial and advocates the destruction of Israel;
where somehow an article calling for a boycott of Israel found its way into an issue of Global Agenda Magazine which was distributed to those attending this week’s World Economic Forum in Switzerland, prompting an apology by the Forum’s founder;
where it seems not much has changed at all despite this week’s commemoration of the 61st anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

No further comment for now, let’s go on to some lighter stuff.

Like guns.

Border guards should have them.

Eight year old children should not.

It’s simple as that. Next...

I don’t know why Tim Horton’s is balking at the idea of setting up shop at Kandahar Air Field.

Really, if nothing else, what a marvelous public relations move that would be, and can you imagine the commercials that could come out of it? Much better than the old Russian woman peddling soup.
The American soldiers there have American fast food outlets, according to the article, so why not a distinctive Canadian icon for our troops, even if Tim’s is owned by Wendy’s at least until they spin it off this spring.
And someone should tell their spokesperson that “it is not part of our business model” is colder than day-old coffee.
Statements like that should not be part of any company’s PR model.

Finally, just in case anybody missed it over the last few weeks, check out this version of Wikipedia’s listing for the Liberal Party of Canada.

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