Thursday, January 12, 2006

Policy Should Trump Politics

Policy should indeed trump politics. It's the one thing Jason has said recently that I agree with.

In that vein, I would like to invite fellow CTV blogger Jason Cherniak to explain to me why the Liberal party is, at this moment in its present configuration, the best party to run the Canadian government.

Please do not tell me why the other parties are bad. I've heard it all. I want to know what is good and positive about the Liberals.

Jason paid me the ultimate compliment of quoting me and Warren Kinsella in the same breath, so I want to be fair and give him an opportunity to convince me.

Not that he doesn't already have that opportunity, in this forum and his own blog, but all I've seen lately are increasingly desperate attempts to frighten me away from my current position. I tend to not react well to that.

Come on, Jason, surely you must have better arguments to vote Liberal than tearing down their opponents. I am assuming here that Jason speaks for himself and is not in the employ of the Liberal party to spread their gospel as his own. So stop a minute and think, Jason. My mind, unlike yours, is open. Convince me why there is something worth voting for in the Liberal party. Otherwise I am going to vote FOR a chance to do away with a stagnant, corrupt regime.

It's bad enough that the parties themselves have chosen the negative route; we bloggers have the opportunity to stay on message and appeal to reason and logic as opposed to primal fear.

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