Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Story on the Globe & Mail website:

Anti-same-sex marriage candidates outed

(The Globe & Mail headline writer has a sense of humour!)

This is a nasty little story that, with a little spin, might turn out okay after all. It seems a few anti-same-sex-marriage MPs have taken it upon themselves to organize the Vote Marriage Coalition and have put up a website endorsing dozens of candidates whom they say oppose the current law that legalized these unions.
I hope that their listings are at least accurate - it would be very embarrassing to have a bunch of those candidates denying their position after all.

So, you can now check your riding to see whom not to vote for. If you are ambivalent towards the Conservatives, the presence or absence of your local candidate on this list might help in your decision. If your Liberal (or other party) candidate appears there, that may also be useful.

Unfortunately, only names, not party affiliation, are listed so clicking around to count how many from each party have made the grade isn't feasible, even if I had the time and patience to do so which I don't.

Some ridings have "No endorsement" and some have the designation "TBC" - To Be Confirmed. They better confirm fast, there's not much time left. There are only two endorsements in Quebec so far but many in Alberta including the leader of the party I just voted for despite, not because of, that stand.

The kicker here, to me, is that former MP Elsie Wayne is one of the driving forces behind this movement; I saw her interviewed the other day and she is very passionate about this cause. I also saw a media report about a meeting she spoke at, in New Brunswick, which allegedly violated federal election laws because it was held in the same location as an advance polling station.

Elsie clearly respects her religious beliefs more than she respects the law of the land that she helped govern as a representative of her constituents.

No I have no point. I'm just sayin'.

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