Saturday, January 14, 2006


Channel surfing between hockey, football, golf, basketball and CBC Newsworld's "Behind the Ballot" this evening, I came across a promo for CBC's election night coverage.

Maybe I saw it incorrectly. I hope I saw it incorrectly. It listed a bunch of CBC personalities who would participate in this coverage, including none other than DON CHERRY.

I am stunned. Seriously.
Comic relief is one thing but this is in no way funny.

Does the CBC think that nobody in Quebec watches their English-language channels? Well after this debacle-to-be, for sure nobody will.
But Cherry is quite capable of offending non-Quebecers as well. I don't have the energy to go into (and link references to) even a short list of the slurs that he's cast over the years but he, or at least the character he portrays, comes across as a xenophobic sexist racist.
Yet, he has quite a following among fans of Hockey Night in Canada, or at least Hockey Night in the "Rest of Canada". Leafs, indeed.

What is the CBC thinking? Why would they think that anyone would be interested in Cherry's ravings on one of the most important nights in recent Canadian history? For every misguided prepubescent male hockey fan they might entice into their coverage, they are bound to lose at least a dozen reasonable thinking Canadians.

I've never loved Mike Duffy more than at this very moment.

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