Friday, January 20, 2006

Who's Scary Now?

Human rights group accuses PM of abetting "unsavoury" U.S. practices

A civil liberties group accuses Prime Minister Paul Martin of siding with the United States to undermine a draft United Nations treaty outlawing government-sponsored disappearances.


Human Rights Watch says in its annual report that Martin apparently decided to run interference for the U.S. as a way for Canada to mend strained relations with its neighbour.

Way to mend relations. Wouldn't a simple birthday card on July 4 be enough?

...The Foreign Affairs Department said Wednesday that Canada has a solid record of opposing the practice.

One would think...

...The Americans fought the treaty because of their reliance on disappearances in secret detention facilities abroad, the rights group contends.

...Human Rights Watch says Canada "worked aggressively" to dilute key elements of the treaty.

The article quotes the usual disclaimers and denials by a spokeswoman.

I don't know if this is true, untrue, or spun out of recognition. Frankly I'm quite weary of this whole campaign and can't wait until it's done. The only reason I'm paying any attention to this is because in the context of all the other *shenanigans* the Liberals have indulged in, both alleged and established, I can't discount this outright. And if there is a grain of truth it does negate all the *scary* rhetoric aimed at the Tories.

We need a Conservative Minority - I'm more convinced of that than ever. I'm also convined that the only reason the Conservatives have a chance of forming a government at all is because of all the people voting AGAINST Paul Martin's Liberals more than they are voting FOR the Tories. But that is how it is, and the sooner the Liberals are out on the street, the better for Canada because then they can turn themselves around and eventually reclaim their rightful place on Canada's throne.

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