Thursday, February 09, 2006

I REALLY Can't Stand It

I’ve been trying to blog about the cartoon fiasco for a few days, but every time I read or hear about it, I get too discouraged and depressed.
Still, it weighs – so I shall try to keep this short and to the point.

Last night on CNN, I heard Anderson Cooper interview the Danish Muslim leader who first drew attention to these cartoons, which were published months ago.

This is the exchange that made the steam come out of my ears (scroll down for the relevant part):

COOPER: Why, though, are cartoons which are, without a doubt, offensive to you and to Muslims because they depict the Prophet Mohammed, but why is that somehow infringing on your religious freedom? I mean, why should a free society be bound by the taboos of a religion?

LABAN: Because of the moral commitment of coexistence, because when we live together, when we seek any kind of harmony, when we like to have a good life side by side, we have to take care of the feelings of both parties or whatever you have in the society. And that's it. We said let's give it notice and let's give it thought.

"We like to have a good life side by side."

Y’know, that probably is true of many (most?) people. It’s when the politicians/clerics/leaders of whatever ilk start stirring things up that the masses revolt and do things they would never dream of doing to actual people whom they live near or work with. So while the words make sense, the source of those words is the worst kind of hypocrit, for fomenting so much anger – anger that has no way of resolving itself except for hate and criminal acts.

But this was my favourite part:

"...we have to take care of the feelings of both parties or whatever you have in the society."


Is this how Muslims take care of the feelings of their neighbours? By childish retaliation using the most hurtful means they can think of, holding a competition for Holocaust cartoons?
But no matter, what’s the worst that can result? Will a band of Jews burn down an Iranian embassy somewhere? Will they boycott Iranian oil?

The worst they will do is write an op-ed piece and file a complaint with some indifferent international body.

Draw your own conclusions.

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