Monday, February 06, 2006

The Swearing-In: Thoughts from this Morning's Ceremony

Very nice and dignified.

No Aboriginal feather thingy, which, while it was intriguing at the time, seems kind of off the wall now in light of how Paul Martin's government fared.

Or maybe the "cleansing" was too little, too late.

Big news, another defection; this should send the opposition into conniptions, as should the appointment of a new senator in order to bring him into Cabinet.

Harper claims he did the inviting re the floor-crossing. Mike Duffy says Emerson's constituents are in an uproar, which I can understand - even though they will have greater representation now, they wanted their MP to be Liberal. It's a move that makes sense on paper - until you take into account the inevitable human reaction to it. It just doesn't look good.

Governor General Michaelle Jean, on the other hand, looked great.

Rona Ambrose's neckline was iffy - but she did have a scarf and a camisole peeking through. Okay I'm just jealous.

Harper's jacket was tight. I was afraid for the button.

Harper's kids were remarkably well-behaved. I'd like to know what they bribed them with. And why wasn't his son wearing a winter coat?

The Ottawa weather was stereotypically blustery, and the little white things flying around were really snowflakes, not tiny bugs like you see in video from more southern regions. I noticed a squirrel running around on the lawn near where the dignitaries arrived. It might have been one of our famous black squirrels, but since the Canadian winter appears mostly black and white even in colour photography, I couldn't be sure.

Okay, enough for now, I need to go cook dinner... chicken, not squirrel!

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