Saturday, February 18, 2006

Who's Sorry Now?

As I observed a few days ago, power is never having to say you're sorry. Now we see, even that isn't enough, for those you've harmed have to apologize to you!

Dick Cheney may have taken responsibility for shooting his hunting buddy, and expressed his displeasure at that event, but he hasn't actually come out and publicly apologized to his victim, Harry Whittington.

Mr Whittington, on the other hand, clearly apologized for letting his face and body get in the way of the Vice-President's birdshot, thereby causing a media uproar and inconveniencing many people including the members of the Bush administration who deal with the media, the families of all involved, the local sheriff's office, and of course the hospital staff who took care of him.

Okay that's not exactly what he said but it's pretty close.

This is more than a news story, it's a mirror image of how badly society's priorities are screwed up.

If anyone ever shoots me, and I apologize, please shoot me again. Thank you.

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