Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just Imagine...

What if:

George W. Bush had not rushed right back home from Russia the other day, had hung around to chill with, say, the Prime Minister of France...
Maybe catch up on a little world news...
And spot an opportunity.
An opportunity to not only make a flamboyant statement - a la MISSION (not) ACCOMPLISHED - but actually contribute, if only a little, to a solution and make an effort towards repairing some ill-will that understandably flew his way.

Say George W. Bush were to throw the evil MEDIA and all but essential staff off of Air Force 1 - fly down to Cyprus, not all that far, really, and MEET THE FIRST CRUISE SHIP TO BE EVACUATING HIS COUNTRY'S CITIZENS.
And use the spare room on his plane to bring as many as he could - travelling WITH HIM - back to the US, while chartering planes for the remainder.

Far fetched?

For George, maybe, but that is exactly what Steven (Steve) Harper is doing.

I suspect his critics will find something wrong with this, as could I if I looked hard enough, but you gotta love his spunk.

Especially the part about the media. It is no secret that Steve and the media do not get along, but if you're going to do the GRAND GESTURE, wouldn't you at least want network coverage?
But of course he will get that in any way the networks can manage, and I do look forward to it.

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