Sunday, August 13, 2006

Finally - Vindication!

Recent news from science:

Results of a new psychological study show that in people over 60 years of age, crankiness and higher intelligence go together, and conversely, being agreeable predicts a lower IQ.

Furthermore, in the young, openness and extraversion are associated with intelligence, but that link disappears with age.

This study was reportedly the first time such personality traits were studied with age group comparisons.

Now I am nothing if not disagreeable, and I have been told I’m smart, so this theory seems to hold water in my all-important population of one.
Only I’m not yet 60. Minor detail.
I’m just ahead of my time, is all.

But I have to wonder, which is the cause and which the effect? Are older smart people “disagreeable” as the researchers put it because they see what’s going on around them more clearly – or are they smarter because they don’t accept the status quo and everything they are being told, and go and find things out for themselves?

Maybe some of each.

Does it follow, then, that if I make an effort to be even crankier, that will improve my cognitive ability?

Hey it doesn’t hurt to try!

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