Thursday, May 06, 2010

STFU? Not a chance...

It seems there’s been quite an epidemic of potty mouth in politics these last few weeks.

In the US, both Senator Carl Levin and Vice President Joe Biden have had their sound bites bleeped for the words “shitty” and “fucking”, respectively.

In Canada, NDP MP Pat Martin threw an “ass” into the mix.

Now, in an even more shocking turn of events, a woman has joined in the profanity.

Not just a woman – a Senator, a Conservative, and a Senior Citizen.

I had to wonder, WTF?

Seriously, how can Nancy Ruth, a woman who has devoted her life to human rights and women’s issues, bring herself to tell women to be quiet about Canada’s plan to omit funding for abortion in the G8 maternal health initiative for developing countries?

You can hear it for yourself via the sound clip on the CBC page.

“I have every confidence that it will include family planning and so on” if “allowed to roll out”, Ms. Ruth said.

“And so on”? It’s a little late for euphemisms after you’ve told people to STFU.

Does “and so on” mean “abortion”? If not, does this government think that contraceptive planning is really a solution for those parts of the world where rape is endemic?
Are women supposed to carry around condoms to hand to their rapists?
If a woman’s only choices are to bring an unwanted child into the world or take a chance on an unregulated abortion, how does this help women and children lead healthy lives?

Another part of the statement that jumped out at me is this:

“This is not about women’s health in this country… Canada is still a country with free and accessible abortion. Leave it there. Don’t make this an election issue.”


I thought the initiative in question was for maternal health in developing countries. How did abortion in Canada suddenly land on the table?
Is Ms. Ruth saying that Canadian women are to care only for themselves, not for their sisters in other countries? If so, why is Canada undertaking a health initiative for those people in the first place?

My head is spinning.

No, this whole thing doesn’t add up. Kind of the opposite of “if it looks like a duck, etc. then it’s a duck”.
This is not a duck.

The more I think about it, the more it occurs to me that Nancy Ruth just might be a genius.

She has, with four little words, both given lip service to her party’s platform and blasted it to smithereens.

She had to know that telling Canadian women to STFU would have the opposite effect. And just in case, she threw in the so-called f-bomb, to ensure maximum media coverage.

“Don’t make this an election issue” could be code for “ladies, your rights here at home are in more danger than you think. Speak up now, let there be an election, get these Neanderthals out of office!”

“This is not about women’s health in this country” means “This IS about women’s health in this country.”

Finally, not once but twice Ms. Ruth planted the idea in our heads that she means the opposite of what she is saying:
“I hope I’m not proven wrong” closely followed by  “I hope I’m right”.

I hope I’m right too, and that Nancy Ruth is actually encouraging Canadian women to speak up, rather than showing signs of entering her dotage in a most public and embarrassing way.

In either case, however, I certainly have no intention of shutting the fuck up.

That was never ever an option.

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Alvin23 said...

I really think you are spot on here. To tell someone to shut the fuck up is completely encouraging them to speak out. I'm sure they got the message. Yes, genius by all measures. Here in Los Angeles women are arming themselves with The Three DUB workout to protect against rape.

Paulineee said...

LMAO Alvin that's funny!